Watch Netflix's “Tidying Up” To Better Your Mental Health

If you are like me and already binge watched the new Netflix series, “Tidying Up” featuring Marie Kondo then you have the itch to start tidying up your whole living space! As a psychotherapist, I saw this show from a different light in which it can actually be beneficial to your mental health.

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How Can Watching a Netflix Show Better My Mental Health?

As a mental health counselor, I am a strong believer that “Netflix and Chill” is a real thing that can be a form a self-care. Whether you are working hard all week or are in the middle of studying for an exam, it is important to take a break and enjoy your time off. Some people enjoy using television as an escape from their day-to-day stressors. Netflx has been a growing platform that allows you to really pick what kind of escape you are looking for.

Yes, sitting on your couch and watching 5 seasons of a television show in a row is not great for your mental or physical health. So you want to “Netflix and Chill” in moderation. Balance it out with reading a book, socializing, exercising, and your other self-care routines. If you don’t have a self-care routine then I strongly recommend it as it is important to balance your work and play so that you can live a happier life.

Why should I watch Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up show on Netflix?

Because Marie is one of the sweetest people on TV and just watching her will bring a smile to your face! If you have not had the pleasure of viewing her show yet, I will give you a short rundown. Marie is a world renowned author who wrote several books on her step-by-step KonMari method on how to tidy up your living space. She has different steps in the tidying process such as going through all of your clothing at once and progresses to books, papers, etc. and ends with sentimental items. Marie’s main philosophy around tidying up is not about what you want to get rid of that you don’t need anymore. It is about keeping items that “spark joy” for you. If you only watch this show to see how Marie explains what “spark joy” means with just a sound that she makes then it will be worth it.

As a psychotherapist, I love Marie’s outlook on life. She shows that by shifting your thoughts from what you see as garbage to what brings you joy will help you create a more positive outlook about other things in your life, such as your relationships. This is a practice that I use with my clients in counseling who have negative thoughts about the world around them. The goal with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is to change how you think about the world around you. Imagine that you stop looking for the things that made you feel unhappy and switch your thoughts to more positive, reaffirming thoughts that there are good things surrounding you in your life. This is the method that Marie uses.

Do You Just Want Me To Watch The Show Or Do I Have To Clean My Whole Home?

I would be surprised if you watch the show and don’t feel inspired to start sorting through your belongings. I think the point of relaxing and watching a show that you enjoy can definitely benefit your mental health. But I also see that by choosing to watch this show, you are telling yourself that you are ready to be motivated to start tidying your home. Research shows that having a clean space around you will make you feel happier in general. Marie is aware of this and loves to “spark joy” in the people she helps.

The show is pretty realistic in which it shows it takes people at least a month to tidy their homes. So do not feel the pressure to go through every item you own in one weekend. You want to take as much time as you need.  I think Marie’s point of starting with clothes is a great idea. It is something that we are used to going through once in awhile to make room in our closet for new clothes. Start with this step and reflect how your mood is before you started and after you finished. As you continue through Marie’s process continue to reflect how you are feeling.

I Don’t Agree With Everything Marie Says, What Should I Do?

That’s totally fine. You don’t have to agree with everything she says. On one episode of the show, she even bends her own rules for someone who is grieving a loss. Everyone is different and going through their own stressors and life changes. Feel free to take her show as an inspiration and make it your own! Have fun with it.

Tidying Your Home Can Increase The Happiness You Feel.

Whether you watch this fun Netflix show or not. I challenge you to tidy some part of your home and reflect how you are feeling before (while the space is cluttered) and after it is cleaned. You may experience a slight increase in happiness, motivation, relaxation, and a decrease in anxiety.

Have you watched “Tidying Up” on Netflix? Did it inspire you to tidy your home? I’d love to hear how this impacted your mood and if it “sparked joy” for you!

Psychotherapist Hoboken Courtney Glashow

Courtney Glashow, LCSW

is a licensed psychotherapist practicing in Hoboken, New Jersey. She specializes in helping children, teens, and adults with anxiety, depression, and changing behaviors through counseling. Courtney can help NY or NJ residents through telehealth (video/phone) therapy sessions as well.

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