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Couples Counseling

About Couples counseling:

  • Couples counseling can be beneficial at any stage of the relationship. Relationships take a lot of work and understanding to deal with the stressful life situations. Whether you are struggling with communication, infidelity, loss of intimacy, or just feeling plain stuck, couples therapy can be a great tool to help you move forward. You and your partner will be able to better understand the problem, learn how to improve communication, and change problem behaviors in a healthy way. No matter the current situation, counseling can help a couple better understand each other’s needs and learn how to maintain a life of satisfaction and teamwork.

  • A recently engaged couple might find it a great opportunity to openly discuss future goals, hopes, and fears for the future, while a couple of many years can use therapy to find ways to help their relationship maintain its excitement and romance. Our psychotherapist Lauren Mandelbaum has worked with couples from all backgrounds including the LGBTQ+ and polyamorous communities, and works to develop a strategy that best fits the needs of each couple. Couples counseling is a great way to strengthen your relationship so you can come together during times of major life change and transition.

  • Common areas of concern addressed in couples counseling include issues with:

    • Money

    • Parenting

    • Sex

    • Infidelity

    • In-laws

    • Chronic health issues

    • Infertility

    • Gambling

    • Substance use

    • Emotional distance

    • Frequent conflict

    • Pre-marital and marriage issues

How to know couples counseling is for you:

  • You notice you are getting into the same arguments with your partner(s) over and over

  • You feel your partner(s) doesn’t understand you

  • You find that the romance and intimacy of the relationship has been replaced with frustration and distance

  • Attempting to connect with your partner(s) makes you feel sad or lonely

  • You feel you don’t talk to your partner(s) as much anymore, or at least not in a meaningful way

  • You have had a hard time creating time with your partner(s) after having children

  • Experiencing a betrayal of trust can cause you to feel like you don’t even know this person anymore

What to expect from couples counseling at Anchor Therapy:

While relationship issues are very hurtful, they are very common. Couples counseling can help you with multiple different issues within your relationship, whether you’re working on strengthening your relationship or you’re looking to work towards a separation. By working with our skilled therapist, you can find new healing and lasting intimacy. Couples counseling can rebuild the intimate connection that you once had. In couples counseling, your therapist works as a neutral party and will work create a safe place for couples to communicate openly and effectively. As your counselor we will not pick a side of a partner as we are on the couple’s side. We are there to guide you and help you towards your goal as a couple.

What if my partner doesn’t want to come in for counseling?

In order for couples therapy to work, we will need all partners present. With that said, we recommend talking to your partner and telling them that by going to couples therapy it is something that is truly important to you. Tell your partner to give couples counseling a try and to try out 3 sessions. If after those 3 sessions they still do not want to attend, then you can discuss that then. If your partner still does not want to come in for couples counseling then you can still get a benefit from coming in for individual therapy and work on your relationship that way. As you work on yourself in therapy, you will be able to take communication skills back to your relationship and watch it change and grow in that way. As your partner notices the positive changes that you are making within yourself, they may be more interested in attending counseling at that time too. By presenting your best self to your partner, it will help strengthen and grow your relationship.

What are the next steps to start couples counseling?

The next step to get started with couples counseling would be to reach out to our intake coordinator Courtney by email ( or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Courtney will give you all the information you need to know when setting up an appointment and to make sure you’re a good fit with our specialized couples counseling therapist. If you feel comfortable, please explain a little bit about yourself, your relationship, and what you’re looking for help with. If you’re not comfortable discussing this over email, that’s not problem at all. You can email Courtney to set up a phone call to discuss things further.

At Anchor Therapy, we offer a free 15-minute consultation call. So whether you discuss how we could help you through email or by phone, you would then discuss your availability to find a time to schedule your intake session. The first two sessions would ideally would be in person. Our specialized couples counseling therapist has availability on Monday afternoon and evenings, Friday afternoon and evenings, and Saturday morning and early afternoons. We are also flexible to do phone or video sessions during other times of the week, including evenings.

In couples counseling, the first session is an hour long intake assessment in which we will discuss your struggles, your goals for therapy, and your history as a couple. The second session would also be an hour long in which your counselor would meet with each of you separately to gather more information. After that, you will meet with your counselor for joint therapy sessions whether in-person, by phone, or video.

If this seems like a possible good fit then feel free to reach out. Our intake coordinator, Courtney, will get back to every client who reaches out within 24 hours. If Courtney finds that we are not a good fit for whatever reason, then we will see if there’s another therapist at Anchor Therapy who can help you or we also know many therapists in the area who we could direct you to.

Please feel free to contact our intake coordinator Courtney for a free consultation today and we can start the process of helping you or your loved one feel better soon.

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