About Courtney Glashow, LCSW

Hoboken adolescent psychotherapist

Hi! My name is Courtney Glashow and I’m a psychotherapist and founder of group private practice Anchor Therapy located in downtown Hoboken, New Jersey.  I like to approach therapy with compassion, a sense of humor, and without judgement. I’m skilled in helping children, teens, young adults (20’s and 30’s year olds), and parents.  I have extensive training in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and take an interactive approach helping you with your current stressors. My goal is to help you restore balance and feel like your best self. I am committed to not only help you create goals, but to also keep you accountable so that we’re always moving in the right direction. Therapy is an opportunity to make a change in your thoughts and behaviors, improve relationships, manage life stressors, get support, and overcome obstacles. Picking the right therapist can help you, or a loved one, get on track to feeling better.

I have a background in working for years in urban outpatient mental health clinics. There I immersed myself in working with children, teens, and adults. I continue to work passionately by improving my skills to help my clients by attending trainings and conferences around the country. I also train other therapists so that they can help their clients.

I grew up on Long Island until I moved to Delaware for college. After graduation, I moved to Manhattan while attending graduate school there. A few years after graduation, I moved to Hoboken, NJ and have lived there ever since. I started my private practice Anchor Therapy in Jersey City and moved it to downtown Hoboken within a year. I have a beautiful office space that my clients love since it’s comfortable and nice (pics below)! I named my practice Anchor Therapy for multiple reasons. Anchor is a symbol for “hope”, which I think says a lot about how I practice. I also enjoy the calmness of the ocean, I have been boating all of my life with my family, and the anchor is the symbol of the sorority I joined in college- Delta Gamma. I loved decorating my office with the comforting blue colors of the ocean along with subtle anchors throughout the decor. There is a lot of calm and hope throughout my office that I love to share with my clients. :) In my free time I love exploring new restaurants in Hudson County and NYC, traveling near and far, spending time with friends/family, theatre, exercise classes, listening to music, reading, and keeping up with popular TV shows/movies. I try to have a nice work-life balance so that I can be 100% invested in my clients when we are together. I always try to practice what I preach when it comes to self-care and my clients see that. :) I’m pretty up-to-date with pop culture so if there’s anything happening in the news, on a TV show, in a movie, etc. I’ll be able to discuss it in session with clients if they found it impactful to them in some way.

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More about how I could help…

Young Professionals:

  • Young adults (20’s and 30’s year olds) have a hard time adulting as their life transitions. Either you’re in college and having a hard time balancing school and relationships or you are transitioning into the working world and finding that it is not everything you’d hope it’d be. You may find that you’ve found success in your career, but continue to experience relationship issues, anxiety, or depression. Whenever there’s a life event, such as graduating from college, getting married, having a baby, a breakup, a career change, etc.) you will feel some form of stress. I help my clients by coming up with ways they can cope with this stress in a healthy way. This is a time in your life where there are constant decisions that need to be made. You may fear that you’re making the wrong decisions and don’t know what your future holds. That’s a common fear for young adults, or young professionals, to experience.


  • Being a teen can be extremely stressful as you have a lot to worry about. Teens are experiencing an increase in anxiety and depression symptoms which parents have to look out for. It’s common for teens to feel a low self-esteem due to what others say on Instagram, Snapchat, anonymous app’s, etc. There may be changes in friendships and relationships which cause stress, anxiety, and sadness. The application process to get into high school in Hudson County can be as stressful as applying to colleges. I personally think every teen could use therapy as it’s such a stressful time in anyone’s life. It is a time they’re trying to figure out their identity, which is stressful enough. I have a great bond with all of the teen clients I see and really enjoy my work with them. I keep up-to-date with social media, pop culture, TV shows, and movies they’re watching so that we can speak the same language. I genuinely enjoy seeing the progress a teen client can make in therapy and find it so rewarding once they “graduate” from therapy with more confidence.

LGBTQ+ Population:

  • I participated as a member of a LGBTQ+ health task force committee where I advocated for NYC outpatient clinics to become more culturally competent in LGBTQ+ care. I helped create and introduce a hormone therapy protocol for medical doctors to follow. I also trained different medical and mental health professionals on how to treat LGBTQ+ clients in a respectful manner. I now see many LGBTQ+ clients in my practice who are in need of support with multiple stressors. This includes helping clients with their coming out process, parenting a child who came out, gender or sexual identity questioning, experiencing discrimination/bullying, and any other stressors that may arise. Their identity may not even be a stressor, but they could be looking for a therapist who they can feel comfortable seeing which is why I think it’s important to express my comfort and knowledge in working with this population. I am an ally, prefer She/Her pronouns, and prefer to be called Courtney.

Binge Eating:

  • Another specialty that I can help clients with is binge eating by taking a mindfulness and CBT approach. It’s not about weight loss, but about changing your behavior so that you feel better around the topic of eating. When someone is binge eating, they usually are eating emotionally and not because of hunger. I have helped many clients who binge eat by focusing on their thoughts and feelings that come up before a binge. We then learn to cope with these thoughts and feelings in a healthier way. You will also become more in sync with what hunger feels like physically so that you can separate your emotions from feelings of hunger.


  • I have extensive training in play therapy and have helped many children and their families with behavioral issues such as anxiety, agitation, low self-esteem, school issues, relationship issues, test taking anxiety, social anxiety, sadness, and divorce. I am able to build a strong bond with children so that they feel comfortable in a safe (and fun!) space to express themselves.

  • What is play therapy? Its truly the only way children can communicate and express themselves. Play is the language that children speak. Most kids’ brains are not developed enough to verbalize exactly what they’re thinking or feeling. The goal of play therapy is to communicate with children on their level. In turn, play therapy should lead you child to be able to express themselves better. All of the children I see look forward to coming to therapy since we have fun together. It is a special time for a child to get an adult’s full attention and express whatever they want in sessions in a safe environment. I teach children coping skills they can use outside of sessions when interacting with peers, family members, or anyone they may interact with.


  • I also have parenting sessions as needed throughout their child’s treatment. Parenting sessions can be check-in’s on the phone between the child’s session or it could be a full session with parents in-person, on phone, or video. During these parenting sessions, we would create a plan on how you can help your children at home to continue the treatment we are doing in play therapy sessions. If your child is very young, then I have found it helpful to have more parenting sessions than play therapy sessions to help you, the parents, assist in the behavior changes at home with your child. Parenting sessions are also a nice break you get from being with your child so that you can refocus on coping with your own stressors that come along with parenting.

Prenatal & Postpartum mothers:

  • Since I started parenting sessions in my practice years ago, I noticed the need to help mothers with fertility issues stress, prenatal stressors and postpartum depression/ anxiety. It is very common for a woman to experience miscarriages and this isn’t really talked about in our society often. So it can feel lonely and anxiety provoking when you try again to get pregnant. Therapy can be a place to openly talk about your anxiety and worries that come up. It is also okay to continue to feel anxious or stressed while pregnant as you are preparing for a huge life change. And once you give birth to your child, you will find your life shifting daily. You may find the adjustment difficult or that you are emotionally not feeling like yourself. While experiencing any of these stages of motherhood, it is a great time to come in for therapy for support and treatment to help keep you get back on the right track to feeling like your best self again. I have had multiple clients I have seen from the time they started to contemplate trying to get pregnant through their child being born and after. Each stage comes with their own stressors and therapy provides a great amount of support where you can openly express how you’re actually doing. My mom clients love to utilize my flexibility of telehealth sessions in which we can have video or phone sessions if coming into the office is too difficult.

More about telehealth sessions:

Are you looking for the option of virtual therapy? I am one of few therapists in the Hudson County area who offers the option of telehealth sessions (video and phone counseling). If you are residing in New York or New Jersey, you are elligible for telehealth services with me.  I stay up to date with the latest technology; I’m frequently available, and easy to reach. The best way to reach me is by email (cglashow@anchortherapy.org) or text (201-565-2275) as I will be able to respond quicker than playing phone tag in between sessions. Telehealth sessions are great if you have a sick child at home, you’re sick yourself, there’s a snow storm, you’re stuck at work, you’re traveling, or you just prefer to do a session while in your pajamas at home. I treat telehealth sessions as the same as in-person and find them just as beneficial in our work together.

What the next steps would look like…

The next step, if you feel I could be a good fit to help you or your loved one, would be to reach out to me by email (cglashow@anchortherapy.org) or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. This is the best way to reach me when you first reach out for therapy. If you feel comfortable, please explain a little bit about yourself (or who you want to bring in for therapy) and what you’re looking for help with. If you’re not comfortable discussing this over email, that’s not problem at all. You can email me that you’d like to set up a phone call to discuss things further. I offer a free 15-minute consultation call. So whether we discuss how I could help you through email or by phone, we would then discuss our availability to find a time to schedule your intake session. This ideally would be in person. I have availability on Mondays-Thursdays in the afternoon and evenings. While every person and family are different, I conduct an intake assessment in which we will discuss your struggles, your goals for therapy, and your history. If you are bringing in a child or teen who is under 18 years old then I will need a parent of guardian present to sign paperwork and get some background information from as well. This helps me get a full picture of who you are and how I can best help you or your child. Honestly the hardest part of starting therapy is finding a therapist who’s available and a good fit. That’s why I try to explain here a little bit of how I work with my clients. If this seems like a possible good fit then feel free to reach out. I get back to every client who reaches out to me. And if we find that we are not a good fit for whatever reason, I know many therapists in the area who I could direct you to.

Please feel free to contact Courtney for a free consultation today and we can start the process of helping you or your loved one feel better soon.


  • Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Psychology and minoring in Theatre from University of Delaware
  • Masters Social Work degree from Yeshiva University
  • New Jersey Licensed Clinical Social Worker License #44SC05713100
  • New York Licensed Clinical Social Worker License #085850
  • Member of National Association of Social Workers

Courtney has experience working with the following:

  • Children
  • Teens
  • Young Adults (20s and 30s)
  • Parents (parenting and motherhood)

Courtney’s areas of specialization include:

  • Anxiety
  • Social Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • Relationship problems
  • Prenatal and postpartum issues
  • Depression
  • Behavioral Issues
  • School difficulties
  • Work problems
  • Family issues

As your therapist, Courtney finds it important to adapt and individualize each client’s plan of care to better fit your needs. Courtney has training in and incorporates the following evidenced-based practice methods:

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