Courtney Glashow, LCSW quoted in Well + Good!

Anchor Therapy's founder and psychotherapist, Courtney Glashow, LCSW, has been quoted in Well + Good! 

Courtney discusses the difference between a toxic friendship and a supportive, positive friendship. Courtney helps distinguish the signs of a toxic friendship and what to do once you realize you are in one.


 “A friendship should be a support system between two people,” Glashow says. “You want to make sure the people close to you in life are there to listen, support you, and share their successes and struggles as well.”

Just like romantic relationships, friendships can be physically and emotionally abusive. Emotional abuse can be so subtle—it doesn’t exactly leave you black and blue—that you might not recognize it for what it is. But if a friend is overly critical, jealous, controlling, or prone to angry outbursts, she’s crossed the line. “At that point, it’s important to seek help from a psychotherapist to assist you in how to leave that relationship safely,” urges Glashow.



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Courtney Glashow, LCSW Anchor Therapy LLC Jersey City NJ Psychotherapist

Courtney Glashow, LCSW

is a licensed psychotherapist practicing in Jersey City, New Jersey. She specializes in children and adolescent issues, and young adult counseling.



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