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At Anchor Therapy, we find a humanistic approach to therapy is important since each person is unique. There are multiple evidence-based practices that we use to tailor fit your needs. The goal is to match you, or your child, with the best therapy technique(s) that will lead you to feeling better.

Anchor Therapy provides supportive and confidential psychotherapy & counseling services for:

  • Individual therapy for children and teens (ages 10+)
  • Individual therapy for young adults
  • Parent counseling sessions

What is an evidence-based practice and why is it important?

  • Evidence-based practice means that a type of  treatment has shown positive results from multiple different research studies. In short, there is evidence that it works. When you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, it is important that you are receiving the best care possible.  

We are aware that everyone has busy lives and it is hard to put time aside to come in for therapy. This is why we also provide telehealth sessions, which include video calls and telephone calls. For the video conferencing, we use a convenient HIPAA approved service that is free and no download is required.

Please contact us today for more information on our services and for a free consultation. Start today by taking a step in the right direction to feeling better!

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