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Parent Counseling

Parent counseling sessions can increase the success of a child's treatment. Parents, or guardians, have the best insight into how the child is doing at home and in different environments outside of therapy such as school. Usually when a parent is bringing a child into treatment for help, they feel they are at their wit's end. During parent counseling sessions, the clinician will provide support towards the parents, or guardians, who are feeling overwhelmed. The clinician will work closely with the parents, or guardians, in treatment planning and updating on progress.


Q: Why is parent counseling useful?

  • The clinician can get a better understanding of what is happening outside of therapy sessions with the child. The parents, or guardians, will get up-to-date information and support from the clinician. Play therapy techniques can be taught to the parents, or guardians, so that they can continue to help the child progress outside of therapy sessions. This can improve the relationship between parent and child.

Q: Who comes in for parent therapy sessions?

  • After meeting with the child and parent(s), the clinician will determine what is the best plan moving forward with each family based on their needs. Usually it is best for the child to have the play therapy sessions alone with the clinician to build the therapeutic relationship. Other sessions might include only the parents, or guardians, without the child present.

Q: How often are parent counseling sessions?

  • It varies from a case-by-case basis. At the beginning of treatment, it is suggested that parents come in for a few sessions separate from the child's sessions so that the clinician can get to know the family and assess what is the best treatment course for the child. Since parents are usually busy, we provide video sessions and phone sessions as well. During ongoing treatment, the parents are usually asked to come in once in awhile depending on how the child is progressing.