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Art Therapy

Art therapy is similar to play therapy, but in this technique children express themselves through the art they create. A child is able to share emotions, fears, thoughts, and imaginative stories through their creations. The clinician explores the process of creation rather than the final piece of artwork in therapy sessions. This allows the child to identify what they are expressing or feeling in the moment.


Q: Who can benefit from art therapy?

  • Art therapy is usually used with children to help them express themselves in a creative way. Recently, “adult coloring books” have been popular to help adults reduce anxiety. This can be helpful because art is a form of therapy not just for children, but for anyone who takes time out of their day to relax and clear the mind.

Q: What types of art therapy are there?

  • painting; coloring; drawing; clay models; collages
*Images courtesy of Caitlin Giroux

*Images courtesy of Caitlin Giroux